Thanksgiving Event Side Goal “Meal Prep”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our fun little Thanksgiving Event in our favorite little game has brought with it an extra goal after the main goal is finished. The main event story line is “Turkey Dinner” and then is followed by “Meal Prep”.


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A Time to Give Thanks-Mission Maps

Welcome back to the World of Tomorrow!

Our little New New Yorks have had Thanksgiving descend on them in the form of the cutest little Robot Chickens and Robot Turkeys. I want them to stay!!!!!

With the Thanksgiving Event, we have some new missions that we have to do to get items for Hunter Bender, feathers for other event items, and they are full of those coveted Peta career chips that everyone needs.

These missions are on Earth.


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Slurms Weekend Extended

Howdy, there!

TinyCo has extended this event by 24 hours. It will now end at 3pm PDT tomorrow, November 15th. (Also it says PDT but they are on PST right now, so that is very strange)


They really have no rhyme or reason to which events they extend.

So you have 24 more hours to get Bev and continue the Return of Slurm questline to get the hidden Slurm Queen decoration.

I think it should be assumed now that the weekend events have a hidden deco at the very end. It happened with George Takei Weekend and the Space Bee Weekend.

So keep plugging along.

What do you think about this extension? Still mad they didn’t extend Robot Hell by one day? I am. Let me know in the comments below.

Wormulon Mission Maps

Hey there fellow Humans.

Welcome to Planet Wormulon the home of delicious, delicious Slurm. Much better than that Soylent Cola, which tastes different person to person. Just don’t ask about the ingredients of Slurm or the Grunka Lunkas will sing.

With the Slurms MacKenzie Weekend Event, we have 6 missions on Wormulon to complete for Royal Slurm and lots and lots of career chips.

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Mission Map “Looking Evil in the Eye”

How’s it going tonight, fellow Earthers?

Week 5 of the Robot Hell on Earth Event brought with it, as usual, a new mission to complete and this time it is in the shape of flames. Pretty fitting.

RH Event Earth Looking Evil in the Eye.jpg

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Fighting the Robot Devil

Howdy, fellow Earthers!

As you all are aware, week 5 of Robot Hell on Earth has dropped into our little New New Yorks and has brought the task of fighting the Robot Devil.

Now it looks really complicated and hard, but it isn’t. If you have leveled up some of your characters that you have gotten in this event, you will do just fine.


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