Xmas Xarol Week 4

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today.

I have spent a little pizza and have finished week 3. That is totally ridiculous. I can’t even imagine being a new player and seeing all the stuff for an event and not being able to even try to participate. Talk about dispiriting.

Anyhoo. I have the info for week 4 below.


First was the addition of Ethan Bubblegum Tate for 280 PizzaHe is listed as a brainy scientist in his pop up but he is actually a cool captain.

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Xmas Xarol Week 4 is Live

Well, I guess week 4 is live.

I wouldn’t know personally as I am stuck in week 3 hell, like a lot of you. You, and I  😦 , will have had to finish the week three questline to see anymore of week 4.

There is a pop up for Bubblegum Tate for 280 Pizza


Beware, in the screen there it looks like he is a brainy scientist, but he is a cool captain. Also, he is not voiced, but they may add that later.

Since I have no more info for you all, this is a link to a reddit thread that will be updated with info. You can also check the Discord server on my main page, though it seems most people there are also stuck in week 3.

I am pretty disgusted right now, as a lot of you all are. I have played since it officially came out. I also have spent some money in the game. I feel I am a pretty dedicated player, and if I couldn’t keep up, it was much, much too hard.

How do you all feel about this event?  It’s all right. You can tell me.