Wise Bots Extended 24 Hours

Hello fellow Earthicans!

An in game screen has shown up letting us know that the current event, Wise Bots, has been extended! I don’t think this will really help me because my gold bar drops have been non-existent.

But I’ll take it.

The event now ends at 3pm PST on March 8th.

How are you all doing with this event? What do you think of the extension? Let me know in the comments below.


Wise Bots Event is Live

Welcome back, fellow Earthicans!

After a brief one day break from events, we now have to deal with the Robot Mafia.So get your cement galoshes ready for Clamps, Joey Mousepad, an outfit for Zoidberg (!), and lots of decorations, buildings and missions.

This event will run through March 7th at 3 pm PST. There will be new characters to unlock in week 2 and possibly another premium character or outfit.


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