Monster Weekend is Live!

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today!!

With barely time to take a breath after the little Valentines event, Monster Weekend has come to New New York.

This event is only around until February  21st at 3pm PST.

This event actually has some elements that I like.


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Wormulon Mission Maps

Hey there fellow Humans.

Welcome to Planet Wormulon the home of delicious, delicious Slurm. Much better than that Soylent Cola, which tastes different person to person. Just don’t ask about the ingredients of Slurm or the Grunka Lunkas will sing.

With the Slurms MacKenzie Weekend Event, we have 6 missions on Wormulon to complete for Royal Slurm and lots and lots of career chips.

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Mission Map–George of the Space Jungle

Hello again!

Just popping in with a map for the limited time mission “Georgy of the Space Jungle” in the George Takei event.


Mars LT Space Jungle Map

This one also has some high requirements for scientists in order to get that 100% and 5 Pizza. I have died twice on the center path. I am still working on leveling the crew I need, as it recommends level 13. I am hoping to get them leveled tonight and work on this mission tomorrow. Hopefully I can so I can make a map of the next mission, “Takei With a Vengeance”, which needs to be successfully completed to get the Gold George Takei statue.

How are you doing in this event? Got any tips to share? Let me know in the comments.

Stay shiny!

Mission Map–Georgy Porgy

Hello, everybody!

Just popping in with a map for the limited time mission “Georgy Porgy”  in the George Takei event. This one has some very difficult paths in it requiring higher level scientists. I completed it on one path, but I don’t think I’ll get 100% and get the 5 Pizza. Oh well.

Mars LT Georgy Porgy

The path that does not have a scientist requirement was not too bad, but I was able to level George up beforehand.

How are you doing in this event? Have you gotten George Takei yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Stay shiny!