Thanksgiving Event Week 2 Side Goal “Nothing but Leftovers”

Hello fellow Earthers!

The Thanksgiving event is currently in week two and comes with a side goal that starts after the main goal,  “A Feast for Fools”, is complete. This side goal will complete the story line and bring a couple of buildings and decos into the store for purchase with Wild Turkey Feathers. But you will need a lot of them.

Warning: the following does include some spoilers.


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Amazonian Search Party

Welcome, FWOT tappers!

Yesterday the Entertainment District finally became available. Players who had finished the main questline through Mutant Mayhem Pt. 6 were able to use the artifact to unlock it right away. After using the artifact, there was a little dialogue completing Mutant Mayhem Pt. 7 and then the next part started for Amazonian Search Party Pt. 1:


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