Cornwood Event-Promoting A High Level Crew

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow today!

As you all might be aware, there an event going on right now (like when isn’t there), and in this event is a wonderful little secret.  Do you want me to tell you the secret?? Do you?? You don’t? Aww.

Well I’m gonna tell you anyway.


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Info on Gears and Pillars


Just a quick bit of event info here for the Week 2 Hell’s Riches prize ladder of the Robot Hell on Earth Event currently making out lives a total, well, Hell.

When you get to the gears, you only are required to get the third one in order to move on in the prize ladder to the next building, the Purple Spiralscraper.


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Mission Map “Ahead of the Game”

Hey there, fellow humans!

Isn’t this the most slow and grindy event ever?

Nevertheless, I persist in my playing and make progress.


Just stopping in today to add the mission map for the Week 2 mission, “Ahead of the Game”. Did you even notice it is shaped like the Robot Devil’s head?

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