Alpha Event Has Begun!

Hidyho, fellow Earthicans!

TinyCo sure didn’t wait too long to drop our next event on us. This one is a bunch of missions to get previous event characters you might have missed. Looks like characters included are up to the Robot Hell Event.

This event ends at 3pm PST on January 24th.


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Fighting the Robot Devil

Howdy, fellow Earthers!

As you all are aware, week 5 of Robot Hell on Earth has dropped into our little New New Yorks and has brought the task of fighting the Robot Devil.

Now it looks really complicated and hard, but it isn’t. If you have leveled up some of your characters that you have gotten in this event, you will do just fine.


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Mission Map “Ahead of the Game”

Hey there, fellow humans!

Isn’t this the most slow and grindy event ever?

Nevertheless, I persist in my playing and make progress.


Just stopping in today to add the mission map for the Week 2 mission, “Ahead of the Game”. Did you even notice it is shaped like the Robot Devil’s head?

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Robot Hell on Earth-Week Two Is Live

Hey there, fellow humans!

Week 2 of the Robot Hell on Earth event is live in the game if you have completed the main questline through Devilish Deal Pt. 9. If you have not finished that yet, when you do finish it will start up for you.


There is a lot of stuff in this week and it will take me a bit to get it all uploaded. I will update probably within the hour with more info. Meanwhile just follow on with Pt. 10 of Devilish Deal.


Be back in a bit.

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