Career Chip Fair Event

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today.

A nice little career chip mission event had dropped into our games. This little event comes with six new missions on Mars stuffed to the gills with career chips and a “Life Is A Mystery” Box  for 250Pizza containing a selection of characters from previous events.

This career chip event is going through December 6th at 3 pm PST.


I will update as I work through it.

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Thanksgiving Event Week 2 Side Goal “Nothing but Leftovers”

Hello fellow Earthers!

The Thanksgiving event is currently in week two and comes with a side goal that starts after the main goal,  “A Feast for Fools”, is complete. This side goal will complete the story line and bring a couple of buildings and decos into the store for purchase with Wild Turkey Feathers. But you will need a lot of them.

Warning: the following does include some spoilers.


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Slurms Weekend Extended

Howdy, there!

TinyCo has extended this event by 24 hours. It will now end at 3pm PDT tomorrow, November 15th. (Also it says PDT but they are on PST right now, so that is very strange)


They really have no rhyme or reason to which events they extend.

So you have 24 more hours to get Bev and continue the Return of Slurm questline to get the hidden Slurm Queen decoration.

I think it should be assumed now that the weekend events have a hidden deco at the very end. It happened with George Takei Weekend and the Space Bee Weekend.

So keep plugging along.

What do you think about this extension? Still mad they didn’t extend Robot Hell by one day? I am. Let me know in the comments below.