Finally after six long weeks, we have new content. Nibbler has finally shown up in New New York. This is a super simple little event. Just run the missions to collect Nibbler disks.

Unlock – 50 disks
Level 10 – 30 disks
Level 30 – 60 disks




1. Midnight Snack

1x Fuel per node


Captain 32

Scientist 16

Defender 24

Rewards from the 32 path

2. Food Coma

2x Fuel per node


Captain 45

Delivery Boy 28

Influencer 20

Rewards from the 46 path

3. Cuddle Bug

3x Fuel per node


Defender 60

Captain 32

Scientist 24

Rewards from the 32 path

Pizza rewards from the Sticker Book of Fun!

Story Goals:

Nibbler’s New Society

Nibbler’s Task List:


I am happy to finally have Nibbler, but I am thinking this event feels like it was cut out of a much larger event. Nibbler has been in the store list ever since the game began and now we have him. I hope this isn’t just some tidying up before shutting down.

So get Nibbler and get enough disks to promote him up in the future.

What do you think of Nibbler finally showing up? Enjoying some new missions and story?

Let me know in the comments below.

The Game Is Not Completely Dead

Well, recently, a Tinyco/Jam City rep on the Reddit page finally posted that the game is not dead, but will be having less events. Next event is scheduled for July.

So work on those regular gameplay things you need to get done while we have this extended break.

Hopefully, they will come back with some less grueling events but lots of stuff I must have in my town.

I am hanging in there so far. How about you? Let me know in the comments below.


Yeah–We Need To Talk

So as you are probably aware, and if not, I’ll be giving you some bad news, FWOT is on an indefinite break from new content. Jam City has laid off or moved most of the Devs that worked on FWOT to the Harry Potter Game team.

There has been no official word from any of the devs that were on Reddit or the FWOT Discord channel. The ambassadors, such as Willbits, have not heard anything either, or have permission to share what they know yet.

Just poof–gone!!

Wow. Way to treat your customers.

Now, the game is still up and running. You can work on anything you have still going in the game, but it could be turned off tomorrow. We just don’t know.

I have been critical of the game in the past and will be again shortly.

I would like to talk about what in this game was wrong with how they approached it and applied it. I would like to talk about what money-grubbing, greedy, and downright horrible ways that Jam City and TinyCo have treated the Futurama fanbase, which made up most of the player base.

I got this game because I wanted more Futurama stories.

What I really got was some story interspersed with grinding space missions a hundred times for just a couple of items needed for a cool piece for my town. And most of the events, I didn’t even get to the end of the story because I needed to grind the missions a hundred times…

I got this game to see more of my favorite characters.

What I really got was a game that I couldn’t progress unless I bought fuel, so I could run those missions a hundred times for some items that I needed to get the cool piece for my town.

I wanted more Futurama.

What I really got was a battle simulation and ridiculously expensive items to get the characters, if I wasn’t able to grind the missions a hundred time for some items¬† I needed…

I wanted more of Fry and Leela. And Bender and…

What I really got was a total grind to level and promote minor characters so I could run the missions to get a couple items needed so I could get a cool piece for my town.

They really didn’t understand the fanbase did they?

I actually spent some money in this game, but I had to let go of many items. There was no way to get everything just by playing or even by spending a moderate amount of money in the game. Even now as I am still—-STILL–unlocking Elzar, I have gotten 5 toques in three weeks. Of course I haven’t been sending them every single 2 hours. I slowed down to a few times a day. But you say life gets busy, I could just pay pizza for the toques or even just Elzar so I can just get on with the game.

But No. One single toque costs 100 pizza. That’s over 3 dollars.¬† For ONE. And I need like 8 more. and I still need other things to get him. To just buy Elzar outright would cost 1045 pizza. Like 30 bucks. Ridiculous.

Below are some of the reasons why this game did not do well with the fanbase it had already built in.

  1. The focus should have been the story. Just like that horrible Harry Potter game, the story is the most important thing to the fans. We can put up with a lot, as long as there is a good story. Most events, I never even completed the story. It just ended in the middle because the drops were so bad.
  2. I didn’t mind the missions, I just didn’t want to have to do them a hundred or a thousand times to get anywhere.
  3. I didn’t mind the PvP. It was kind of fun, but again, I just couldn’t get very far. and didn’t want to have to do it a hundred or a thousand times.
  4. I wanted cool stuff to create my New New York with, but it was so hard to get anything or it was expensive. (Maybe it’s me, but I think if you put some moderately priced items in the game, you would sell more than if you put just one very expensive item).
  5. The leveling was the worst. And those gates were ridiculous. How was anyone supposed to have characters that level without having spent thousands of dollars in the game. Abusive!
  6. The RNG was also the worst. As I said above, it takes weeks to unlock a character. People want to see progress, not feel that they will never get what they desire. They did it to frustrate us into paying money. And I did. I bought fuel to run more missions for more doodads just to feel like I was progressing. And I still still didn’t get things I wanted.
  7. The events in the beginning were too complicated or too hard.

In conclusion, I will miss my Futurama characters and their cute little animations and my cute little NNY. But I will not miss the actual gameplay, their manipulating money-grubbing ways and grinding grinding grinding. I will continue to play if they somehow revive it.

PS. My website is going to expire at the end of the month. Unless I hear something by then, I will be taking it all down.

Did I miss anything in my list. I bet I did. Let me know in the comments below.

And If I don’t see you all again,

Take care

(I’m going to go watch Futurama again)





A Break!! A New Feature! And Some Game Tips!

Well, well, well! As you may have noticed, my fellow Earthicans, we are having a little break in the events in our addictive little game.

We now have some time to work on the regular story goals, level up some characters, or even not log in at all.

I hope you do log in some, because the last break we had, I did not. I have regretted that since then. I could have made some progress on some things I needed to do. This time, I am working on getting Elzar and the Decapodian artifact so I can move on to the Uptown district.


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