Cornwood Ascending Week 4 Is Live!

Hear ye hear ye, all dwellers of New New York! Week 4 of the Cornwood Event has started! Get your Frydo, Momon and Larius before the event ends. The event now ends on April 12th at 3pm PDT.

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Cornwood Event-Promoting A High Level Crew

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow today!

As you all might be aware, there an event going on right now (like when isn’t there), and in this event is a wonderful little secret.  Do you want me to tell you the secret?? Do you?? You don’t? Aww.

Well I’m gonna tell you anyway.


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Cornwood Ascending Event is LIVE!

Hear ye, fellow Earthicans! Go forth and play the Cornwood Ascending Event until April 11th. Go forth and collect new outfits and a royal Calculon. Go forth and collect mysterious items with which to do mysterious things.

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