Finally after six long weeks, we have new content. Nibbler has finally shown up in New New York. This is a super simple little event. Just run the missions to collect Nibbler disks.

Unlock – 50 disks
Level 10 – 30 disks
Level 30 – 60 disks




1. Midnight Snack

1x Fuel per node


Captain 32

Scientist 16

Defender 24

Rewards from the 32 path

2. Food Coma

2x Fuel per node


Captain 45

Delivery Boy 28

Influencer 20

Rewards from the 46 path

3. Cuddle Bug

3x Fuel per node


Defender 60

Captain 32

Scientist 24

Rewards from the 32 path

Pizza rewards from the Sticker Book of Fun!

Story Goals:

Nibbler’s New Society

Nibbler’s Task List:


I am happy to finally have Nibbler, but I am thinking this event feels like it was cut out of a much larger event. Nibbler has been in the store list ever since the game began and now we have him. I hope this isn’t just some tidying up before shutting down.

So get Nibbler and get enough disks to promote him up in the future.

What do you think of Nibbler finally showing up? Enjoying some new missions and story?

Let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Nibbler!!!!!

  1. I completely agree that it seems to have been a story line cut short. I was so excited to unlock him, and it pretty much ended there. I appreciate your site. I’ve only been playing about 6 months and am addicted. The sudden drop in content has me worried. Took me awhile to find a site that cared. 😀😞

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