The Game Is Not Completely Dead

Well, recently, a Tinyco/Jam City rep on the Reddit page finally posted that the game is not dead, but will be having less events. Next event is scheduled for July.

So work on those regular gameplay things you need to get done while we have this extended break.

Hopefully, they will come back with some less grueling events but lots of stuff I must have in my town.

I am hanging in there so far. How about you? Let me know in the comments below.



10 thoughts on “The Game Is Not Completely Dead

  1. I find it pretty weird that with a team of lvl 60 i cant manage to complete the lvl 60 4 stars badges mission…pay to win wall here? Heath packs are mandatory ?


    • Unfortunately, the level requirements for all the missions seem to be off. You’ll have to run the lower missions to get the 3 star badges to exchange for the 4 star so you can get them over 61. I used the characters that use essence to get a team to 62 and 63.


      • I may be wrong here but it seems that you cant exchange badges for 4 stars class badges…you have to complete the impossible lvl 60 planet missions…


      • Sorry if I was unclear. You would have to run the lower mission for the class badges and then exchange for a higher class badge. Example, right now, I would do the lower Fact based Results mission for 3-star Scientist badges. When you have more than 10 3-star scientist badges, you will get an option in the supplies part of the store to exchange 10-3 star scientist badges for 1 4-star scientist badge. It makes for very slow going.


      • Ooh nice thanks very slow but at least theres a way without wasting pizza on infinite healthpacks thanks


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