A Break!! A New Feature! And Some Game Tips!

Well, well, well! As you may have noticed, my fellow Earthicans, we are having a little break in the events in our addictive little game.

We now have some time to work on the regular story goals, level up some characters, or even not log in at all.

I hope you do log in some, because the last break we had, I did not. I have regretted that since then. I could have made some progress on some things I needed to do. This time, I am working on getting Elzar and the Decapodian artifact so I can move on to the Uptown district.


They have added a Collect All button to the game!

This is wonderful for decreasing time in the morning  before I have to go to work. Sometimes I wouldn’t have time to collect all my buildings.

As long as you have at least 8 buildings ready to collect, just tap the button and it tells you how much you are getting.

It doesn’t collect a building if there is a task checkmark ready to collect. So tap the checkmarks first then the Collect All button.

It also doesn’t collect buildings which may drop an item. Right now, I have 3 buildings giving me items for Elzar, so I have to manually collect those.


So for the break, here are some tips for playing the game:

Always have your crew in space.
Never be at max fuel for long, so it will refill all the time.
Send your low level characters to do DOOP. You get rewards even if you fail them.

If the mission calls for the default version of the character on a map as a requirement, you can run it with a costumed version, but not vice versa.

If an in-map gate has a specific character portrait, then you must use that exact version of the character.

Take advantage of those Cornwood or New Justice Team characters if you got the promotion materials for them. Get them leveled and promoted. Get them ready to run the daily planet missions.

The game is so much easier after you can run the 80 path on the daily planet.

What do you think of having this little break? Do you like the Collect All button? Do you have any tips to share with me?

Let me know in the comments below.


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