Zapp Brannigan Event Week 2

Attention, fellow Earthicans!

Week 2 of the Zapp event brings us Linda, Florp the Trisolian comedian, and a yarny ambassador.

Some of the questlines:

Just follow the questlines and you will unlock the 2 free characters.

Info on passives and affinities for the three new characters available.


They have added a way for us to get the Zapp outfit, even if we don’t have Zapp himself yet. I am not completely sure his disks will be available after the event.

Trisolian PalaceĀ  125 Pizza –Drops Purple Hearts

Trisolian Juicer 50 Purple Hearts–Drops Purple Hearts

Yarn Zen Garden 50 Purple Hearts

You can purchase purple hearts for pizza

The supplies prize line is the worst part.

I have no hope of getting these items, but it is okay, because I don’t really want them.

Not a lot to say about this event. It isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best either.

Free characters–Yay!

Grinding to be able to level them up –Boo!!

They don’t even have their own storyline when they unlock.

It is good that Zapp’s outfit is available to all now. I am glad they figured that out.

I am enjoying the main storyline. I just hope I will actually be able to see all of it.

Personally, I am getting the characters and getting enough disks to get them to 3 stars and that is it.

Haha! I said I didn’t have a lot to say and then proceeded to say a lot.

What do you think of this event? Like it? Hate it? Meh?

Let me know in the comments below.


PS. Sorry for the late posts on stuff. Work is crazy and these updates always hit really late when I am about to go to bed. šŸ˜¦


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