The Velour Fog Has Arrived!

Hello fellow Earthicans!

The Zapp Brannigan event has begun, bringing us Morbo, Admiral Chu, and a velour enrobed outfit for Zapp.

This event ends on May 16th at 3pm PST.

This event is similar to the two most recent events. Run the missions to collect disks for the characters. Use more disks to promote them instead of badges. This event you can also collect purple hearts for some items in the shop and collect DOOP supplies to earn other achievements as seen above, a couple statues of Zapp and some pizza.

Unfortunately, you do need to already have Zapp in order to purchase the outfit. I guess that saves me some pizza. Oh well, it’ll be back again sometime.

Stats on the three characters of the first week:

If you are going to purchase the Pyramid Under Construction, do it fast, because it drops DOOP supplies.

Lots of questlines will guide you through the event.

What do you think of this little event? Like it or hate it?

Let me know in the comments below.


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