New Justice Team Week 2

Welcome humans to week 2 of the New Justice Team Event. This event ends on May 2, 2018 at 3pm PDT. So c’mon already!

The second week is very similar to the first.

Zookeeper Lair drops coins. 125 pizza


Doc Lobster outfit for Zoidberg, why not. 175 pizza


Event hub now shows the second week’s characters. I’m not going to get all the prizes.


Stats for the new characters and outfits:

The stats for Doc Lobster are very good. I would suggest that you get him and make him your high level influencer for future influencer gates.




New options to get chips and cash for your extra event coins.


The first set of missions for Cloberella are similar to last week. 15 missions, done once for 1 disk for Cloberella. Each mission goes up 1 level in recommended crew. Do the 15 missions and you have Cloberella. These missions are all 3 fuel per node.


These missions also have little decorations of flowers and red spaceships.


Week 2 main questline:


I am enjoying this event. It is nice to get characters or outfits that don’t need badges to be leveled up. Just remember to get those disks you need before the end of the event. It is a shame that these outfits are for the same characters as the last badge-less promotion characters.

I also am not going to get all the little prizes in the Hero Points part. I may get to the Zoo, but I’m not sure about that. Oh well.

I think it is kinda sad that I won’t get them. They should make us want to spend money because the content is so irresistible, not because we can’t complete their events.

But I still love it. What do you think of this event? Are you going to get Doc Lobster? I did. What do you think of getting characters and outfits that do not need badges to promote?

Let me know in the comments below.


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