New–Mission Difficulty Settings

Welcome back, fellow Earthicans!

The newest game update has brought with it some new gameplay features. Namely, difficulty settings for the missions.

This is not available on all missions, just the New Justice Team missions, The Eye of Evil, but will probably be added to other missions in the future.


The easy setting will have lower recommended character levels. Medium will be a little higher and Hard will be even higher. The rewards will go up from each box in the mission. It will also cost more in fuel per stop.



You can see all the possible rewards by hitting the crate on the mission page and scrolling through them.


It will show you the chosen difficulty setting in the top right corner in the crew selection screen.


In my opinion, the rewards do not go up enough to do the harder mission. I personally am running the easy on mission 3 to get all the coins to get the event characters promoted.

Make sure you gather enough of the disks to level up your characters after the event.

All in all, a nice mini event with some fun characters that can be leveled up without badges.

What do you think of the new difficulty settings? Which one do you use? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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