Cornwood Event-Promoting A High Level Crew

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow today!

As you all might be aware, there an event going on right now (like when isn’t there), and in this event is a wonderful little secret.  Do you want me to tell you the secret?? Do you?? You don’t? Aww.

Well I’m gonna tell you anyway.


Basically, the secret is:

Get the event characters and get enough essences for them to be able to promote them.

Since these characters do not need the class specific badges, you can just get the essences needed before the event ends and level and promote them later if needed and then you will have a high level team to do those daily planet missions.

When you are able to do the higher daily planet missions, the badges will come easier for the rest of you characters.



Character Essence Needed:

10  to get to 2-Star

40 to get to 3-Star

100 to get to 4-Star

So this is a fantastic opportunity to get a higher level team. The only problem I have is generating enough cash to do it. Chips I get plenty of in the missions along with the essence. Cash is a little harder.

Today is Nixonbuck Day on the Daily Planet so I am doing as much of that today as I can, so I have some cash to level and promote as much as I want to.

Remember:  get all the essences you need to promote before the event ends as the essence is the only way to promote them. They will not be able to be leveled after the event with badges.

That said, the premium characters purchased WILL be able to be promoted after the event, but they also will only use essence, so I am guessing that their space missions will remain after the event.

So, get back in there and promote, promote, promote while you can!!

What do you think of this opportunity? Let me know in the comments below.



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