DOOP and Other New Game Features

Welcome fellow Earthicans to the new DOOP Embassy in New New York. Just don’t breath in too much asbestos.

This app store update brings with it some great additions to the game. New gameplay, the ability to get Lrrr, Zapp and the Wongs, and other tweaks to the game.

The main questline is Diplomatic Immunity. Just follow it and it will lead you through the DOOP feature.


DOOP HQ is free to build!

Diplomatic Requests are basically mission that run by themselves, like setting a timed task. There is a recommended level and class of character to complete the mission.

This screen gives more info including how long the request will take and the rewards for completing.

Hit the bottom middle select crew button and choose characters to do the request. You do not need to choose 5 characters. Here, my Professor would be 100% successful in this request all by himself even though he is not the recommended character class. The lower level the characters, the more of them you might need to get that 100%. This is a good use for some of those characters you never use. The characters are locked while in the DOOP so you cannot use them anywhere else until they are done.

Hit START MISSION to get it started.

Once you start the request, it will be in the IN PROGRESS Tab

In the IN PROGRESS screen, you can hit CANCEL REQUEST if you need to get someone out of the request. The FFWD fast forward button lets you spend pizza to finish fast.


Once it is complete, it will…wait for it…say COMPLETE.

It will then show how much you have filled the level up meter for the embassy. I would like to see the amount needed to level up, not just the meter. Just like the game level XP circle, I want to know how much I have and how much is needed. But you can check the amounts to level up DOOP Embassies in the Embassies tab.

In the EMBASSIES Tab you will see all the different embassies and can tap to see more information.

On this screen you can see how much is needed for the next level.


You can see the level, items and characters available through requests through that embassy.


When you reach a new level, new items will unlock.


Once you get the character, there are no other items required. Just unlock them and enjoy. Note that DOOP Icon next to the character level icon and the little star indicates you should check it.


You must have reached District 4, The Fancy Shopping District in order to continue the DOOP questline.

The Omicronian Embassy costs 2000  NB.


Other quality of life upgrades:

The planet missions will remember the battle speed last selected, so battle is even faster now.


New mission Interface shows gates in the mission map so you can plan ahead.

Sticker BookScreenshot_20180310-105604


They revamped the Daily Planet Mission list as well. They highlight if it is active. It does scroll back to the top every time you click, but they will hopefully fix that.


Wow that was lot to go through.

This new DOOP Embassy feature is a lot of fun, kind of like an ongoing mini-event, that never ends. I like that it doesn’t add a lot of time to the amount you are in the game in order to progress. I like that Lrrr is now available to anyone and not locked into an event or mystery box. The rewards are nice from the requests and the battle speed up auto save is awesome!

What do you all think of the new features and tweaks to the interface? Let me know in the comments below.


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