Wise Bots Event is Live

Welcome back, fellow Earthicans!

After a brief one day break from events, we now have to deal with the Robot Mafia.So get your cement galoshes ready for Clamps, Joey Mousepad, an outfit for Zoidberg (!), and lots of decorations, buildings and missions.

This event will run through March 7th at 3 pm PST. There will be new characters to unlock in week 2 and possibly another premium character or outfit.



Wise Bots


Info screen showing which currencies go toward which characters. Interestingly, gold bars and stamps are dropping already for the second week characters Don Bot and The Mayor. I hope they will all count when they become available.


Robot Convict Fights

Fry can fight the three White Robot Convicts every 3 hours. This is how you get the sacks and the goods for the two mafia robots. My level 30 Fry kills them with 1 shot.

The rewards screen will be blank but in town you will see the sacks and goods and they will count. It’s just a visual glitch.


Joey Mousepad






Buildings and decorations

These items are available for Brass Knuckles which you get from the Corleone 5 space missions.

Wong Hotel & Casino


Wong Ranch House

I hope this means we will get the Wongs soon!!


Gearotica Theater


Fronty’s Meat Market


Wong Ranch Sign


New Vegas Grand Reopening Billboard


Swimming With The Fishes Cement Factory


Cauliflower Ear Arena


Parolee’s Choice Bus Lines


Missions on Corleone 5


Mission #1 The Big Score

Level 5

No gates


Mission #2 Heist of the Millenium

Level 10

No gatesScreenshot_20180222-212816

Mission #3 Sleeping With the Fishes

Level 15

No gatesScreenshot_20180222-213155

Mission #4 Cement Shoes

Level 20

Gate: Fry Level 22Screenshot_20180222-213733

Mission #5 Deader Than Dead

Level 25

Gate: Amy Level 27Screenshot_20180222-214300

Mission #6 Sending a Message

Level 30

Gate: Professor Level 32Screenshot_20180222-214906

The rest of the missions:

7 — Bender 37
8 — Scruffy 42 , Hermes 44
9 — Kif 47, Smitty 49
10 — Fry 52, Leg Mutant 54
11 — Amy 57, Leela 59
12 — Professor 62, URL 64
13 — Bender 67, Robot Fry 69
14 — Scruffy 72, Burglar Bender 74, Professor 75
15 — Kif 77, Hedonismbot 79, Bender 80


Looks like we might be getting a mystery box.


The Moneysuit Zoidberg Outfit is only available if you have Zoidy unlocked already. It costs 290 Pizza

Sorry to just dump this. I will add  more info tomorrow.

So far the event is shaping up just fine. I think it will be fun since it seems doable and includes some of the better elements from previous events.

What do you think about this event so far?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy clamping!


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