Monster Weekend is Live!

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today!!

With barely time to take a breath after the little Valentines event, Monster Weekend has come to New New York.

This event is only around until February  21st at 3pm PST.

This event actually has some elements that I like.


Event questline is MonCon 3018. Note the event currency counters under the regular currencies. That’s nice to have.


Many characters have tasks of different lengths to earn the different currencies. Choose the task to get the currencies you need.


Missions on Earth

Do the missions for the event to get event currencies.


Each mission has a minimum recommended level, but otherwise, I have not seen any gated paths. The highest one I can currently do is number six with a level of 30. Each mission also earns  good chunk of Hypnotons and chips! Now they need to add badges to the mission rewards!

Be aware that the fuel costs go up on the missions.




I’ll update this post with more info soon. I just wanted to get it out there for you all.





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