Quality of Life Upgrades Are Here!

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow!

The most recent Play Store/App store game update has brought some much desired quality of life upgrades to our pocket New New Yorks.

The newest version of the game 1.5.5 brought with it in percentage based healing, a speed up option for combat, tapping to skip special attack animations, the game will link to the odds FAQ for any mystery box odds (when in play) and issues causing PVP combat to crash for some players (particularly characters with counter-attack ability causing some crash issues).


Health Packs now restore 25% of a Character’s Max Health.

This makes the health packs so much more useful.

Speed Up Button during Combat Encounters.

This is a much asked for option. You can still use the special abilities but do not have to tap for critical hits. You can choose to go 1.5x or 2x speed. You can also tap again to exit the speed up feature. Awesome!

Tap-to-Skip Special Attack Animations.

Exactly what it says. When you use a special ability, tap as soon as the animation starts and it will skip it. This is another much-requested feature that will make battles go so much faster.

This update also brings a feature that will link to the odds of a box so the info is easy to find. Glad it is going to be there, but not really happy that there are more loot boxes in the future. I would spend more money in this game if the loot boxes were done away with and the RNG disappeared.

This update also fixed a crashing issue during PvP for some players.

So this is a wonderful upgrade to the game. It has cut the time I am in the game by half. I was getting close to giving up because it was starting to take over my day.

So what do you think of these updates? Still hoping for a collect all button like me? Let me know in the comments below.




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