Island of Lost Bots Week 2 Is Live

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…I mean the Island of Lost Bots!

Yes my friends, that means that phase 2 or week 2 is now live in the game, bringing more lost robots to try to collect and much gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair and screaming at the sky “Why!!!”

Looks like this week will be a tiny bit easier than last week. We’ll see.


Island decorations for slime.

I usually buy stuff when the questline prompts me, but I like them all.



Robot 1-XS only 40 slime!


Robot 1-XS Rose Gold outfit 200 Pizza



Another questline that I think are for higher level peeps. I certainly can’t do it yet.



FAQs about the odds. Looks like some of the odds are better than last week.



Tiny problem, but the Robot 1-XS Space Black model appeared in the boxes, but isn’t really available in all the boxes he shows on, and he’s supposed to be available for slime. And the space gray one is nowhere to be found.

Hmmm. That’ll have to be fixed, I assume.

So what do you think of phase 2 of the Island of Lost Bots so far? Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Island of Lost Bots Week 2 Is Live

    • If you have finished the first weeks questline, then you may have the bug that is not starting week 2. You will need to use the support contact in the game to contact Tinyco. Good luck.


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