The Government District Is Here!

Good news, everyone!

The Government District and Zoidberg are finally here!

We’ve waited soooo long.


Remember you need the artifact from Amazonia to unlock the Government District. If you are not there yet, it’s okay, This is regular game play not event. It will be there when you finish Amazonia.


Crab Boil is the questline to lead you to recruit Zoidberg.


First you will need to clear the block of land that Zoidberg’s dumpster is on. Then, probably, you will have to clear his dumpster. That’s the way the others have been. Pretty sure. It’s been a while. I don’t know if I remember how to play the regular non-event game. Haha.

The land blocks here are expensive.


New Buildings and decorations:

NNY Public Library 115,000 NixonbucksCurrency_Nixonbucks



Limburger King 135,000 Currency_Nixonbucks


Decapod Apartment 135,000 Currency_Nixonbucks


NNY Recreation Center 125,000 Currency_Nixonbucks


Red Primate 135,000 Currency_Nixonbucks


Red Flower Bed 1,000 Currency_Nixonbucks

( I don’t know if these flowers or the yellow ones are new, but they are highlighted so here ya go.)


Yellow Flower Bed 1,000 Currency_Nixonbucks


Decapodian Crab Car 60,000 Currency_Nixonbucks


Discount Petting Zoo 55,000 Currency_Nixonbucks


Jean Claude Van BAM 65,000 Currency_Nixonbucks(BAM! Are we getting Elzar soon too?)


Garbage Truck 45,000 Currency_Nixonbucks



New Planet Decapod 10

Be aware that the first missions recommended level is 31!!


That’s all I have for you for now. As always, info is kind of scarce since it so new, but the wiki is generally pretty fast at getting info up. I will not be doing too much of this district for a while as I don’t have the levels yet for the missions because real life has been more important lately.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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