Xmas Xarol Event Extended 24 Hours (And a Rant)

Merry merry Xmas still, my friends.

The end date for the event has been extended 24 hours. It is now scheduled to end at 3pm PST on Thursday, January 11th.


The event and the PvP are now scheduled to end at the same time.

I don’t know about you all, but I am ticked. Let me count the ways…

1. Too many new game mechanics shoehorned into a complex event.

2. New game mechanics that fundamentally changed the game from the one I thought I was playing.

3. Unable to progress event unless the player uses the new game mechanics.

4. No indication that the PvP orbs were going to be needed for a character, the main character that we wanted out of this event, so many people already spent them.

5. No possible way a regular, non-obsessive player could get one of each of the Nebula orb decorations and buildings without spending money. I am willing to spend money on things I like and want in my town. I don’t like spending money just to complete an event and keep up when I play all the time.

6. There was no possible way for a player to do all the missions needed for the drops for the characters and prizes AND do the daily planet every day for the various badges needed to level up and promote characters without buying fuel.

7. Requiring a character leveled up to even complete the event story line.


That’s like watching an episode, only your DVR didn’t tape the last 5 minutes and it will never be played again. You can read about it, but you’ll never experience it for yourself.

8. This.

Xmas Xarols Challenge Yuletide Xarols

9. The horrendous drop rate that some poor people got stuck with. I heard of one person who was still valiantly trying to at least unlock Chanukah Zombie before the event ended!!

For someone like me, who loves Futurama the show and play this game so I can have more stories about my favorite crew, this event was a punch in the gut. I did not start playing this game to fight monotonous and unceasingly unfair space battles over and over and over. I did mission 1-2 alone probably 50 times to get rubies and Santa medals. I did 1-10 at least 25 times to get whatever the hell I needed from it. And I’m still not going to get all the prizes.

Why should I care I am missing out on the last bit of the story because I can’t promote Power Suit Fry to level 3? My brain is so numb from this monotony, I can’t even remember the story so far.

I respectfully request that everyone reading this, send TinyCo a message in game about the frustrations you faced during this event. Tell them specific details but do it in a calm tone. Tell them how you feel about these game changes. (Some aren’t bad, it just takes too much fuel.) Tell them what you liked as well as what you didn’t like. Tell them how hard you played to try to get the items you wanted and what you are upset that you missed.

All right rant over.

I probably missed some specific things that were frustrating. Please note them in the comments below. If you read all that, thanks for reading.



6 thoughts on “Xmas Xarol Event Extended 24 Hours (And a Rant)

  1. I read all that. I agree with your points here. I understand that this game, (like all of them) are designed to make money. I agree with your main point that it feels like too much, too quickly. And rolling out fundamental game changes in the MIDDLE of an event is just poor planning. We’ll see if they do better next time around. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Kwanzaabot drops. 🙂

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    • That’s correct. They are giving us more time to get more orbs, but the PvP rewards will come after the event ends. They are kicking around the idea of leaving the orb decorations in the store after the event ends, but no official word yet and who knows for sure how it would work with no official word. I don’t know if that would include Robot Santa.
      Just keep plugging away and keep an eye out here and the Reddit page for info. I plan on just buying RS right before the event end and being mad no matter how it all goes down. 🙂

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  2. Good Rant Ellie
    Like you I jumped on this game because it’s Futurama and supposedly town building.
    It was a ridiculous event in the end. The lack of direction and clarity from Tiny is frustrating to say the least. In the end I liked the PvP but dropping it into the event was just stupid and overwhelming.
    Oh well. I look forward to seeing what they are going to do next!

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