Week 5 Is Live

Welcome back, fellow Earthicans!

Looks like week 5 is now active in the game. I am still waiting for droppings for Kwanzaabot, but it looks like I do have access to see some of the items in week 5.

PvP rewards were distributed. Here’s mine.


Robot Santa was available right away for 750 Santa Medals.


I have both Robot Santa and Kwanzaabot to unlock.


To unlock Robot Santa you will need 365 Nebula Orbs which are obtained in the Universe Battles/PvP and the questline.


Robot Santa’s Sleigh is available for 150 PizzaDrops the week 5 gem, Teal Topaz.


New Prizes in the Xmas Xchange:

Power Suit Professor


Powersuit Professor
100 Teal Topaz
50 Nebula Orbs
350 Santa Medals

Robot Santa’s Torture Chamber



Surface to Santa Rocket Launcher


Robot Santa’s Work Station


Robot Santa’s Ice Fortress


Battle of the Universes has put everyone back at unranked for their tier.


There are new missions on Neptune, but I have no access to them until I finish week 4’s questline.

From reddit, here is the first 2 parts of the week 5 questline.

To All a Good Night – W5 Main quest

Pt 1
  • Learn about Santa’s Upgrades
  • Have Professor Use the Finglonger – 1h
  • Go on the Bold in the Cold mission
Pt 2
  • Clear 10 Robot Reindeer
  • Have PS Amy Shoot Harpoons – 1h
  • Win 5 Universe Battles

Snowmotron is the other character this week. Thanks Reddit FWOT

750 Medals
12 Chanukah Medals
10 Turbo Medals
10 Kwanzaa Medals
20 Snowflake Medals

At least he doesn’t require droppings. 🙂

There are a few new PvP prizes, but there is no way I can get any of them. I’ll have to choose between Robot Santa and these decos. :/


  • Army Soldier Snowman – 175 Orbs
  • Santa’s Guard Tower Cannons 1 – 27 Orbs
  • Santa’s Guard Tower Cannons 3 – 35 Orbs

That’s all I have for now. I’ll update when and if I get to actual week 5.

So how are you guys doing in this event? What week are you stuck in because of horrible drop rates?

Let me know in the comments below.



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