Xmas Xarol Week 4 Challenge

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today! A world where Xmas lingers on well into January.

Our week 4 challenge has dropped into the game. Guess what?? It completely doable.


I’m pretty sure you have to have gotten Leela’s Power Suit outfit for this to pop up for you.. Only week 4 missions snowball robots and Neptunian Yetis will count for the challenge. The reindeer are the ones in town. Remember they spawn 5 every 4 hours and do not stack.

Also added today was a mystery box!


The Very Naughty Mystery Box costs 80 Pizza

Chanukah Zombie Bobblehead–Minimum Probability 12.7%

Roided Neptunian Bobblehead–Minimum Probability 17.5%

Kwanzaabot Bobblehead–Minimum Probability 12.7%

Snowmotron Bobblehead– Minimum Probability 15.9%

Robot Santa Bobblehead–Minimum Probability 9.5%

Evil Reindeer Bobblehead– Minimum Probability 16.7%

2 Peta Chips–Minimum Probability 5.6%

2 Revive Packs–Minimum Probability 5.6%

3 Health Packs–Minimum Probability 4.0%

What do you think of the weekly challenge? Are you going to try on the mystery box? Let me know in the comments below.




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