Xmas Xarol Week 4 Goals


Xmas is still in full swing in our little New New Yorks. Central Park is covered in snow and the Xmas Palm Tree is twinkling happily away.

With week 4 came a new main questline that will guide us through the week, Jingle Hell.


Jingle Hell

Pt. 1
Robot Santa makes the streets unsafe.
Learn About Santa’s Upgrades
Have Leela play with Armband
Go On the “The Nightmare Before Xmas” Mission
Pt. 2
Scruffy settles a score.
Clear 15 Robot Reindeer
Have Power Suit Scruffy Mop the Floor
Win 4 Universe Battles
Pt. 3
Kwanzaabot preaches about his holiday.
Go On the “Dark Side of Neptune” Mission
Place Kwanzaabot
Create the Power Suit Leela Outfit
Pt. 4
Santa’s Aides ask for Leela’s help.
Promote Power Suit Leela to Rank 2
Defeat Kwanzaabot Again
Place the Unwanted Xmas Tree Lot
Pt. 5
Robot Santa attacks Xmas cheer.
Go On the “Truth to Power Suit” Mission
Place the Snowmo Repair
Win 8 Universe Battles
Pt. 6
Kwanzaabot turns over a new leaf.
Have Power Suit Leela Do the Robot
Recruit Kwanzaabot
Go On the “Kwanzaa Quest” Mission
Pt. 7
Snowmotron is released.
Learn About the Snowbot 4000
Defeat Snowbot 4000 in the “Doom on Neptune” Mission
Win 3 Universe Battles
Pt. 8
The crew gets one step closer.
Have Power Suit Leela Flash Kick
Have Kwanzaabot Spread Information
Have Power Suit Scruffy Bust Through Doors


That is the quick version of the week 4 main questline.
I am at Jingle Hell Pt. 4. Where are you at in week 4? Is week 4 going easier for you?
Let me know in the comments below.

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