Xmas Xarol Week 3 Goals

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today.

Xmas is very clearly still here in our little pocket New New Yorks. With the recent week 3 of our Xmas event, came the main questline, Who’s Naughty or Naughty?


Who’s Naughty or Naughty?

Pt. 1 
Robot Santa comes for Scruffy
Have Scruffy Read Zero-G Juggs Magazine
Santa’s Army Has Upgraded
Pt. 2
Bender takes care of some reindeer.
Clear 10 Robot Reindeer
Have Power Suit Amy Apply Stickers to Armor
Win 3 Universe Battles
Pt. 3
Scruffy gets a power suit.
Go On the “Unwated Gift” Mission
Place Turbo Neptunian
Create the Power Suit Scruffy Outfit
Pt. 4
Turbo Neptunian comes back with a vengeance.
Promote Power Suit Scruffy to Rank 2
Defeat Turbo Neptunian Again
Build the Nutrient-Free Soup Kitchen
Pt. 5
The alternate universes pay a visit.
Go On the “One-Man Staff” Mission
Build the Catskills Lodge
Win 10 Universe Battles
Pt. 6
Turbo Neptunian’s loyalty is tested.
Have Power Suit Scruffy Twirl His Staff
Recruit Turbo Neptunian
Go On the “Muscle Mass” Mission
Pt. 7
The crew faces Kwanzaabot.
Learn About Kwanzaabot
Defeat Kwanzaabot
Win 5 Universe Battles
Pt. 8
Turbo Neptunian vows his revenge.
Have Power Suit Scruffy Mop the Floors
Have Turbo Neptunian Stretch His Muscles
Have Power Suit Amy Accessorize


What do you think of the story so far? Enjoying the dialogue?

Let me know in the comments below.



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