Xmas Xarol Mission 2-7 and 2-8

Welcome back, fellow Earthers!

I hope you had a good Christmas if you celebrate it or at least had a wonderful weekend.

I am a little behind on posting about the mission for the Xmas event.


This time I am going to cover mission 2-7 Life of the Party and 2-8 Goin’ Turbo.

2-7 Life of the Party

Required crew: Chanukah Zombie

Recommended Level 21

Locked Hard Paths: Chanukah Zombie 26/Power Suit Amy 28


Xmas Xarol 2-7 Life of the Party

2-8 Goin’ Turbo

Required crew: Chanukah Zombie Power Suit Amy

Recommended Level 25

After you 100% the other week two missions, this will be your only source for Turbo Medals to unlock the Turbo Neptunian.

Xmas Xarol 2-8 Goin Turbo

So there is the lowdown on the last two missions of week two.

What do you think of having to run 2-8 20 times to unlock Turbo Neptunian?

Let me know in the comments below.


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