Daily Planet Missions and Promoting Characters

Well back to another edition of WTF happened to this game.

Today, I am going to talk about changes to how you level up your characters.

The old method:

Collect Career Chips and Nixonbucks from missions and tasks through the regular levels of the game.

Use the Career Chips and Nixonbucks to level your characters up to level 30, the highest level.



Collect Career Chips and Nixonbucks from missions and tasks through the regular levels of the game and events.

Do the Daily Planet Missions every day to collect the type of Badges you need. You need Generic Badges and Class Badges.

It doesn’t sound too complicated does it?

It’s not. It just takes a lot of fuel. Always always check how much fuel per stop that mission will cost you.

The Daily Planet


Daily Mission on the Daily Planet change every day at 4pm Pacific Time. For example, the Scientist badges start at 4pm PT on Sundays and is available until 4pm PT on Monday when it switches to Captain Badges.

Friday has both Villain and Career Chip Missions, which is good because we don’t have as many villains yet.

Everyday- Generic Badges
Earning Your Stars
Promotion Track
Chain of Command
Sunday – Scientist Badges
Fact-based Results
Smart Cookie
Monday – Captain Badges
Captain’s Orders
Leadership Quality
Tuesday – Influencer Badges
Marketing Master
Word of Mouth
Wednesday – Robot Badges
Upgrade It
Reinforced Steel
Thursday – Delivery Boy Badges
Deliver With Care
Speed Run
Friday – Villain Badges
Looking Evil in the Eye
Chillin’ Like a Villain
Friday – Career Chips
Stellar Review
Skills Assesment
Standout Candidate
Saturday – Nixonbucks
Holler For a Dollar
Spoiled Rotten
Richie Rich

Earning Your Stars

Recommended Level 10

Gated Path Level 20 Scientist

1 Dark Matter per stop

2 Star Badges


Promotion Track

Recommended Level 30

Gated Path Level 45 Captain

2 Dark Matter per stop

2-Star Badges

Daily Planet Generic Promotion Track

Chain of Command

Recommended Level 60

Gated Path Level 80 Delivery Boy

3 Dark Matter per stop

3 Star Badges ungated path/ 4-Star badges gated path



The first mission of each class Badge looks like the one below. Also the first mission for Nixonbucks on Saturdays and Career Chips on Fridays.

Recommended Level 30

The locked path is a level 45 of whatever class is on that day.

Daily Planet Robot Upgrade It

The second mission of each specific class badge looks like the one below.

Recommended Level 60

Gated path of Level 80 of whichever class is available that day.

Daily Planet Reinforced Steel

To get from level 10 To level 11, you only need (8) Generic 2-Star Badges.


Once you use the badges and promote your character, you can the level up using career chips and Nixonbucks only up to level 30.

At level 30, you need  (8) Generic 3-Star Promotion Badges and (8) Class 3-Star Badges to level up to 31.


After 31, you can use just career chips and Nixonbucks up to level 60.

At level 60 you will need an unknown number of 4-star badges. May I guess that it might be 8 generic and 8 class specific 4-Star badges.

In the store are some packs of Badges to rank your characters up so you can level up.



Once you have collected 10 of the 2-Star Badges you can exchange them in the store for   (1) 3-Star Badge.


You have similar options for the class specific badges.



Looks like Tiny co needs to fix these descriptions. It says you get Robot badges in the Delivery boy package. Why?? I am sure you get the correct ones, but they really need to double check stuff. The other bundles just cut off. Oh TinyCo. I wonder if those typewriting monkeys are working there as proofreaders.

With each rank your characters achieve, they unlock particular Affinities and Passive Abilities. These will be useful against opponents. You need to check each character and see which Affinities and Passives they have or will get and level up wisely. These abilities are used right now in the PvP fights and I am sure TinyCo will continue to push them in any districts still coming. We shall see.

So, it really isn’t difficult to understand. It is just hard to juggle event missions which you have to run 50 times to get unlock materials and Daily Missions you need to Level and Rank your characters. I don’t have enough for both, so hopefully they will come out with some new fuel levels or something.

What do you think of the new Ranking System?

Let me know in the comments below. You know I want to hear from you.



10 thoughts on “Daily Planet Missions and Promoting Characters

  1. I loved the game the way it was. I enjoyed the mindless little expeditions and the occasional special events. This mess isn’t fun. It takes too long to work through the promotions, and since when did the crew worry about those? It’s not true to the Futurama story line. (There may have been 1 episode that talked promotions.) I wish they would have worked on improving the quality of the little battles rather than making up this promotion requirement. Fortunately I have not laid out cash for any of the extra pizza, etc. I’ve spent most of the month just leveling up my crew members. It’s not fun anymore. I’ll probably play a little more before I’m completely disgusted and then delete it from my phone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I cannot seem to promote my characters. My Power Suit Fry, for example, is at level 10. The level up tab says I need to promote him in order to level him up more. The Promote tab says this outfit is at max rank. I know that can’t be true because I have a quest to level my Power Suit characters to rank 3. What am I doing wrong?


    • Under the Promote tab it should tell you you need Eight 2-Star badges to promote and how many of them you have, just like my Robot Fry above. If you need more 2-Star Badges you need to do the Earning Your Stars mission on the Daily Planet. If your promote tab does not look like my Robot Fry above, you will need to contact TinyCo for help.


  3. I can’t even complete level one of the daily planet. It says level 10 recommended. I have a 18, 2 16s, and a 10. I can’t even pass one level of the second half of level 1. Yet I can’t promote my characters without beating it. Why is it so impossible? I’m about done with this game.


    • You do not have to 100 percent the first Daily Planet mission. Just run the unlocked side for the 2-star badges. Also, try to do the Universe battles as much as possible. The weekly rewards includes 2-star badges up to Level Silver II. I’m thinking you are pretty new to the game. It will take a long while to level up your characters. There really is no rushing it unless you use pizza.


  4. I can’t promote anyone.. i’m level 14, got most of my characters in level 10, current mission requires fry and bender to be in level 13 to start the mission. and when i press the promote tab it’s telling me to stay tuned for more ways to power up my characters.


  5. I am new and I am lost. I promoted Amy but she won’t level up. Every time I try to level her up, I get a message that says, “Can’t sync our team if we aren’t in an active event with a leaderboard!” What?? How do I get past this?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Do not update if you have any characters who are up-ranked but not up-leveled (say a 2- star character who is still level 10 or a 3-star character who is still level 30) Sorry I just saw this.


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