Xmas Xarol Week 2 Goals

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas…Central Park is covered in snow, the Xmas Palm Tree is decorated and Robot Reindeer are jetting around our tiny little streets.

The new week of the Xmas Xarol event has landed and with it came some more story line and goals to complete.


You’re a Mean One, Robot Santa

Pt. 1

Fry opens a portal.

Learn All About the Big Update
Have Amy Deck the Halls
Go on the “Cold Welcome” Mission

Pt. 2

Robot Santa passes judgment.
Clear 10 Robot Reindeer
Have Professor Plan His Attack
Win 1 Universe Battle

Pt. 3

Amy puts on her power suit.
Go on the “Special Snowflake” Mission
Place Chanukah Zombie
Create the Power Suit Amy Outfit

Pt. 4

The crew ranks up.
Rank Power Suit Amy to Rank 2
Defeat Chanukah Zombie Again
Build the Toyworks Factory

Pt. 5

Fry starts to worry.
Go on the “Partyboard Central” Mission
Build the Power Suit Repair Center


Pt. 6

Chanukah Zombie is released.
Have Power Suit Amy Shoot Harpoons
Unlock Chanukah Zombie
Go on the “Goin’ Turbo” Mission

Pt. 7

The crew goes up against Turbo Neptunian.
Learn About the Turbo Neptunian Boss
WIn 1 Fight against another Universe
Defeat Turbo Neptunian in the “Mission 10” Mission


Pt. 8

Fry thanks Amy.
Have Power Suit Amy Calibrate Her Weapons
Have Chanukah Zombie Respect Tradition

Highly Skilled

Pt. 1

Learn about passives and affinities.
Learn About Passives
Learn About Affinities


Send your characters to battle.
Send Bender to Battle
Send Amy to Battle
Send Fry to Battle

Promoting Internally

Pt. 1

Learn About Promotions and Daily Missions.
Learn About Promotions
Learn About Affinities
Go to the Daily Planet

Pt. 2

Promote your characters.
Promote Fry to Rank 3
Promote Amy to Rank 3
Promote Professor to Rank 3

Battle of the Universes

Pt. 1

Learn about PvP.
Learn About PvP: Universe Battles
Learn About Selecting Opponents
Check Out the Universe Battles Hub

Pt. 2

Battle with other people!
Win 1 Universe Battle
Win 3 Universe Battles in a Row



So that’s  what I have for the week two story line. I will try to update with the last two parts when I get there.

What do you all think of the story line so far?

Let me know in the comments below.


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