Xmas Xarol Week 2 Challenge-Power Accessory

Well hello, dearies! The weekly challenge is live in the game.

Please try not to tap on the exclamation point until you read this post.

However, if you are like me, you already did. 😦

If you can avoid starting it, it will give you more time to get Power Suit Amy and Chanukah Zombie.


This week’s challenge pretty much requires you to have both Power Suit Amy and Chanukah Zombie already. I can probably get the first 2 requirements, but the last one is impossible unless you can get Power Suit Amy and Chanukah Zombie and still have time to fight the Turbo Neptunian 5 times.

Seems a little bit of a rub there, since this week was delayed and there were so many bugs it was hard to progress. These requirements should be corrected to not include the Turbo Neptunian.

The prize is the AmyShip.

This will be the first weekly challenge I will not complete since way back in July. And the first event grand prize I will not get. At least they are only decorations. 😦

I am very disappointed.

How are you all doing in the event so far? I am doing relatively well, despite the fact the Daily Planet mission took too much fuel on several stops and I had other glitches affecting me.

Let me know in the comments below.




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