Xmas Xarol Week 1 Goals

Welcome to the world of tomorrow…today!Just stopping by real quick today to post the week 1 questline. I meant to post it earlier and was surprised that I hadn’t done it yet.


Holiday Fear

Pt 1

The crew plans a preemptive strike.

Learn about the Xmas event
Have Fry Wrap a Present
Have Bender Loot for Weapons

Pt 2

The crew visits Neptune.

Go on the “Cold Planet” mission
Have Fry Practice His Stealth Moves
Clear 3 robot reindeer

Pt 3

Amy wishes for a calmer Xmas.
Go on the “Holly Jolly” mission
Collect 10 Red Star Rubies
Build Our Motherboard of Mercy Liquor Kitchen (from the prize ladder)

Pt 4

Bender dons the Santa suit.
Go on the “Yule Log” Mission
Create the Santa Bender Outfit
Have Fry Work on the Ship

Pt 5

The Robot Reindeer are activated.
Go on the “Hexnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” Mission
Clear 15 Robot Reindeer

Pt 6

Professor equips Fry with a suit.
Have Fry Dance the Hustle
Dilapidated Neptunian house (from the prize ladder)
Create the Power Suit Fry Outfit

Pt 7

Chanukah Zombie awaits.
Learn About the Chanukah Zombie Boss
Defeat Chanukah Zombie in the ” Xmas of the Undead” Mission

Pt 8

The crew figures out their next move.
Have Power Suit Fry Adjust His Armor
Have Santa Bender Send Season’s Greetings
Have Professor Tinker With Doomsday Devices


So that was the first week of the Xmas Events goals. What do you think of the story line?

Let me know in the comments below.


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