Xmas Xarol Week 2 Live

Week 2 has finally landed in the game. There are some pretty big changes in it.

This is an app store update. I had an error message a few times while trying to load the game, but I swiped it closed and tried again and it worked.



It will be a few minutes while I look through it. I will update very soon.

You’re A Mean One, Robot Santa Pt. 1


Highly Skilled Pt. 1



Promoting Internally Pt. 1


Promotions Information


Daily Mission Schedule changes everyday at 4 pm PT.



Chanukah Zombie is available for 100 Santa Medals.



Turbo Neptunian Sleigh 150Pizza


Items available for Purple Orbs (Get from the player vs. player battles.) More on that later.



Week 2 Prize Ladder

Power Suit Amy


Toy Works Factory


Sedevaald Global Seed Vault


Power Suit Repair Center




Highly-Skilled Pt. 2


There are packs of promotion badges for sale for Pizza in the shop.

I am not covering them but you can go look at them in your shop if that is something you wish to do.



Promoting Internally Pt. 2


Missions on Neptune:



New info in the Leveling area:

You can Level Up or Promote your characters. You can also check out what the Affinity for you character is and what special abilities the Promotion Level gives the character.




You can choose your crew but using the switching arrows you can change them.


Tier Rewards:


Pulling Rank


At the top shows your crew a change button and your energy.


Below are the opponents you can choose to battle. Choose wisely. You can search for new opponents 3 times and then you’ll have to wait to search again.


Battle screen:



You’re A Mean One, Robot Santa Pt. 2


Wow. Sure is a lot to process and figure out.

What are your thoughts on week 2 or the game-changing so drastically?

Let me know in the comments below.




9 thoughts on “Xmas Xarol Week 2 Live

    • It really reminds of Pokemon, a game I have no interest in. They have expanded the game in the area that I least liked.
      Basically, the Universe Battles are a leader board and your status on that leader board at the end of each week and end of an event will determine what other prizes you will receive. We will have to see if it is worth it when we see the first prize. You can ignore this part if you don’t want the prizes, but we don’t know what they are yet. Or ever probably.
      You can only level up to 10 with chips and NB. After that you will need badges and chips and NB. Each level of badges gives each specific character their own set of abilities so they are not all the same. These special abilities are also used in regular planet battle including events. Every day there is a different set of badges available so you will have to do the daily planet every day. It also can take more fuel per node. Yay for that!!??? Not.
      I still don’t understand it all. It is more complicated than I want. I will try to post or get someone to post who can understand it.

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      • Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn’t come back to check until now. hah. I think I understand it now anyways. So it probably took a week. In the middle of an event. To understand it. Yup. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  1. My battle energy is counting down in actual game play time. I am not going to leave the gane open for 9 hours just to get battle energy. This is ridiculous.


    • They are working on fixing it. Some people have the game in Bluestacks on their pc so they can leave it open and count down. I am not one of them. I also am not paying pizza to fix their mistake.


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