Week 1 Challenge-Let It Ride

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas…Central Park is covered in snow, the Xmas Palm Tree is decorated and Robot Reindeer are jetting around our tiny little streets.

A Weekly Challenge has popped into the game bringing Xmas cheer. And some tasks to blow up Robot Reindeer and defeat Chanukah Zombie.


Very simple instructions here and completely doable in the time given. You probably have to have finished the Main quest line to get this prompt.


Clear 40 More Robot Reindeer

Earn 750 More Santa Medals

Defeat Chanukah Zombie 6 Times

Also updated is the Challenge section of the info.


The Prize for this challenge is The Fryship!


If you can complete all 5 weekly challenges, you’ll win the Mystery Grand Prize!!

What do you think of the weekly challenges? Do you like them or hate them? What do you think the grand prize will be?

Let me know what YOU think in the comments below.



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