Thanksgiving Week 2 Mission Maps

Welcome fellow Humans.

With our Thanksgiving  event week 2 came some new Earth missions to do to get unlock materials for Ben Franklin and Colonial Leela and many precious, precious career chips.




Food Fight

Recommended Level 5

TK 5 Food Fight

High Salt Intake

Recommended Level 10

TK 10 High Salt.jpg

A Matter of Taste

Recommended Level 15

TK 15 A Matter of Taste

Flavor Bomb

Recommended Level 20

TK 20 Flavor Bomb

Add Some Seasoning

Recommended Level 25

TK 25 Add Some Seasoning

Famished (Does not have to be completed but has lots of career chips).

Level 30

Tk 30 Earth Famished


So what did you think of these missions? Were you able to get the last one to 100%?

Let me know in the comments below.



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