Thanksgiving Event Week 2 Side Goal “Nothing but Leftovers”

Hello fellow Earthers!

The Thanksgiving event is currently in week two and comes with a side goal that starts after the main goal,  “A Feast for Fools”, is complete. This side goal will complete the story line and bring a couple of buildings and decos into the store for purchase with Wild Turkey Feathers. But you will need a lot of them.

Warning: the following does include some spoilers.


Nothing but Leftovers

Pt. 1

Butcher Bot asks for some Wild Turkeys.

Hunt 1 Alpha Turkey

Place the Horse and Carriage

Pt. 2

Benjamin Franklin appreciates some architecture.

Build Honorable Estate–Important make sure to use the button in the goal box to get to the correct building. The two buildings look a lot alike and one is in the building tab but not the featured tab.

Hunt 3 Alpha Turkeys

Pt. 3

Benjamin Franklin gets curious.

Complete the Home for the Holidays mission.

Place the Porcupine


So that is the final side goal in the Thanksgiving event. Are you going to attempt to get the porcupine? Let me know in the comments below.


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