Thanksgiving Event Week Two Main Goal “A Feast for Fools”

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today!
The Thanksgiving event is currently in week two and came with a main goal that will lead you through the rest of the event. The story line is in two parts, the first of which is “A Feast for Fools”.


You will need  lots of Wild Turkey Feathers to complete this week so make sure to do the missions and hunt those wild turkeys when they show up in town.

Below is the quick version of the questline, without dialog. I will post the dialog version at a later time.

A Feast for Fools

Pt. 1

The crew travels through time.
Have The Professor Activate His Time Machine 6s

Pt. 2

Ben Franklin hitches a ride to the present.
Build Ben Franklin’s Print House
Recruit Ben Franklin

Pt. 3

Wild Turkeys roam New New York.
Have Bender Hide the Turkey 4h
Hunt a Wild Turkey

Pt. 4

The crew takes care of the turkey problem.

Build Inherited Estate
Hunt 3 Wild Turkeys

Pt. 5

Bender prepares Thanksgiving dinner.

Place the Thanksgiving Dinner Spread

This goal is followed by the side goal “Nothing But Leftovers”.
So what do you think of the Thanksgiving event so far? Did you get the Robot Fox at the end of week ones story line? Still wishing for a robot chicken or turkey to be left behind at the end of the event like I am?
Let me know in the comments below.

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