Thanksgiving Event Side Goal “Meal Prep”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our fun little Thanksgiving Event in our favorite little game has brought with it an extra goal after the main goal is finished. The main event story line is “Turkey Dinner” and then is followed by “Meal Prep”.


Meal Prep

Pt. 1

Fry wants a real Thanksgiving.

Hunt 1 Robot Super-Turkey
Place The Pine Barrens Hunt Club Sign

Fry:   Everyone knows it’s not Thanksgiving without a real turkey.

Hunter Bender: That kind of thinking is outdated!

Fry:  So what do you have planned for an ultra-modern up-do-date Thanksgiving?
Hunter Bender: I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it’ll have deadly mechanized tentacles. So everyone can participate.

Pt. 2

Bender upgrades his hunting weapon.

Have Hunter Bender Clean His Gun 4h
Hunt 3 Robot Super-Turkeys
Hunter Bender: Hey Professor, could you upgrade my ray gun?
Professor:  What for?
Hunter Bender: I haven’t had any luck hunting lately. The animals always manage to escape my grasp.
Professor:  Hasn’t anyone ever told you that guns aren’t the answer?
Professor:  Now, a supercharged atomic bazooka blaster – that’ll keep them from even asking the question!
Hunter bender: That bazooka wasn’t really my style.
Professor You’re lying. I saw you take tons of pictures with it. No one can resist its explosive firepower.
Hunter Bender: It’s true. The bazooka looked great on me. I was too ashamed to admit it.
Hunter Bender: But now my heart has a bazooka-shaped hole that can’t be filled.
Hunter Bender: As does the local police precinct.

Pt. 3

Bender makes a vow.

Complete the Mission “Thanks for Nothing”
Place the Robot Fox
Hunter Bender: I vow to make this the best Thanksgiving ever!
Amy:  How are you gonna do that?
Hunter Bender: I’m going to serve a magnificent dinner and then I’m gonna damage the thrusters on the Planet Express Ship.
Hunter Bender: We’ll be grounded until Tuesday, giving us a 6-day weekend!
Hunter Bender: Something is a bit off with some of my dishes.
Fry:  Did you use the spice weasel?
Hunter Bender: Of course I did. That’s the first step in any Neptunian-style dish.
Hunter Bender: However, the weasel came from one of Louisiana’s underwater parishes.
Hunter Bender: Which might explain the layer of aquarium algae on my étouffée.


Did you get to the extra side goal? What do you think of the cute little cyborg fox? Let me know in the comments below.

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