Main Goal Turkey Dinner

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow…today!
With our little Thanksgiving event  came a main goal that will lead you through the whole event. The story line is in two parts, the first of which is “Turkey Dinner”.

Turkey Dinner

Pt. 1

Bender invites his friends to dinner.

Have Bender Announce the Feast 6 s
Bender :  Gather ’round, meatbags. I cordially invite you to join me for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, the likes of which you’ve never tasted before.
Fry:  Finally, a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!
Bender:  Delicious? Is that a word humans apply to food?
Fry:  Not yours.
Amy:   I can’t wait for your Thanksgiving dinner. What’s on the menu? Stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie?
Bender:  Nay! The menu items will be handpicked by me with ingredients forged from our finest robot junkyards.
Amy:  That doesn’t sound too appetizing. (Amy says “Oh God!)
Fry:  You’ll be singing a different tune when you taste my robot ratatouille, made with a medley of chemicals banned by the FDA. (Bender says”What’s the worst that could happen?” )
Amy: That’s not singing. That’s an ambulance siren.

Pt. 2

The crew hunts for its food.

Clear 5 Robot Chickens
Build Pine Barrens Hunt Club 2h

Bender:  If we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving properly, we will do it by respecting tradition!

Fry:  You mean we’re gona invade a foregin territory, force the ocupants to eat with us, and systematically evict them and take thier land?
Bender:  Your people did that?
Bender:  When the robots enslave humanity, it’s gonna feel like a picnic compared to your ancestors’ atrocities.
Fry:  What do you want me to do with these robot chickens?
Bender:  We’re gonna make a cake with their robot eggs.
Fry:  Will it be suitable for human consumption?
Bender:  Fry, I can be a chef or I can be a dietitian. I can’t be both. Now go milk our robot cow.

Pt. 3

Bender hunts for a turkey.

Create Hunter Bender
Place NNYPD Horse
Hunt 2 Robot Turkeys


Bender:  And now for my pièce de résistance, fresh turkey!
Fry:  How are you going to catch a turkey?
Bender:  That’s one of the many perks of having a hunting rifle.
Fry:  Where’d you get a hunting rifle?
Bender:  That’s one of the many perks of living next to a shooting range. And owning burglar tools.
Hunter Bender: We’ve been blessed with multiple robot turkeys. Now we are tasked with picking just the right one.
Fry:  How do you know which one is the right one?
Hunter Bender: Check their serial number. Then compare it to the manufacturer’s recalll notice database.
Hunter Bender: Just like the pilgrims did.

Pt. 4

Amy thinks of something to bring.

Build “Fresh Robo Meat” 4h

Place Butcher Bot

Amy:  I want to buy something for my coworker’s Thanksgiving dinner. Any suggestions?
Butcherbot: How about some robot kangaroo meat? I should warn you, it does cause most people to faint from intense stomach cramping.
Amy:  I’ll take it! Finally, I won’t be the only one to pass out at a party.
Butcherbot: Thanks for dropping by. I also do “side work” if you wanna put the word out.
Amy:  What kind of “side work?”
Butcherbot: I jump out of darkened hallways waving my cleaver.
Butcherbot: It gets me a lot of work around Halloween and when the cops interrogate suspects.

Pt. 5

Fry protests the Robot Turkey.

Have Butcher Bot Prepare a Robot Turkey 1h
Place 3 Vegan Robot Protestors


Hunter bender: The robot turkey has been chosen! Prepare to stuff your faces!
Fry:   We can’t eat a robot turkey. It has to be a real turkey!
Hunter bender: Why does it have to be real?
Fry:  Because every Thanksgiving has two things; a real turkey and an awkward silence when Uncle Henry tells racist jokes.
Professor:  We can’t get a real turkey, Fry. They’ve been extinct for 400 years – poisoned by pesticides.
Fry:  It’s not my fault the pesticides were so tasty! If only there was a way to go back in time and get a turkey.
Professor:  Yes, if only there was a way to engineer a Crystalline Opal and then synthesize its time-traveling properties into a machine that will allow us to visit any time we want.
Fry:  Um, why don’t we do that?
Professor:  Fry, you’re a genius!

Part 6

The crew goes back in time.

Build Professor’s Time Machine 8h
Professor:  Thanks for all the leftover head jar juice, Dr. Cahill. With it, I was able to engineer a Crystalline Opal.
Cahill:  You’re welcome, Professor. Can I help you with anything else?
Professor:  I think I popped my hip out again.
Cahill: I’m not really qualified to help you with that. I’m more of an expert at stealing medical supplies.
That is it for the Turkey Dinner main goal. After this story line is another small one called “Meal Prep”.
So how are you doing on the Thanksgiving Event? Let me know in the comments below.

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