A Time To Give Thanks Week Two

Howdy, fellow humans!

Week two of our Thanksgiving event has started with a 6 second task for the Professor.


Followed by a task to build Ben Franklin’s Print House for 300 feathers 4 hr build time requires a free 1-X robot.


Then a goal to create the Colonial Leela outfit.


To Unlock Colonial Leela you will need:

1000 Feathers

10 Old Timey Shoes

10 Arm Bands

10 Dresses

10 Bonnets

These items are all available on the new Earth missions and through tasks and buildings.  More info soon.

Premium items:

New outfit for the Professor 250 Pizza


Paul Revere, Silversmith 125 Pizza



New Decorations:

Fall Tree 3


Fall Tree 4


Fall Tree 5



So that’s what I have so far about week 2 of the Thanksgiving event.

What do you think of our first outfit for the Professor being an expensive premium item? Do you like the addition of Paul Revere and Ben Franklin? Let me know in the comments below.

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