A Time to Give Thanks-Mission Maps

Welcome back to the World of Tomorrow!

Our little New New Yorks have had Thanksgiving descend on them in the form of the cutest little Robot Chickens and Robot Turkeys. I want them to stay!!!!!

With the Thanksgiving Event, we have some new missions that we have to do to get items for Hunter Bender, feathers for other event items, and they are full of those coveted Peta career chips that everyone needs.

These missions are on Earth.


“Cold Turkey”

Recommended crew level 5


“Starve the Beast”

Recommended crew level 10


“Hunger Games”

Recommended crew level 15


“Glutton for Pain”

Recommended crew level 20


“Warm as Pumpkin Pie”

Recommended crew level 25


“Ready to Casserole”

Recommended crew level 30


This last one is pretty hard and does requires those level 30s that not everyone has. This mission is not required, but those sweet chips are very tempting.

So how is the event going for you? Let me know in the comments below.


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