Limited Time Event- A Time To Give Thanks

Howdy, fellow Humans!

The Thanksgiving Event has popped up in our little New New Yorks, A Time To Give Thanks. This event runs through 3 pm PST on November 29, 2017.Screenshot_20171116-193545

Bender starts it off with a 6 second task.Screenshot_20171116-193607

The cutest little robot chickens appear and you have to double tap 5 of them. Those should get you enough feathers to build the Pine Barrens Hunt Club.




New Premium character

Dr. Cahill in Taco Bellevue Hospital for 250 Pizza


New Character to recruit:

Butcherbot in Fresh Robo Meat (Find him in the characters section of the store)

Place him as soon as possible so you can collect the items for his unlock.


Butcherbot needs:

500 feathers — various ways

10 Cleavers–From Fry, Dr. Cahill, and Amy actions

10 Aprons–From 7^11, Malfunctioning Eddies, and the NRGA Booth(p)

10 Robot Turkey Legs–From defeating Robot Turkeys

25 Robot Chicken Wings–From Robot Chickens

New Buildings:

Pine Barrens Hunt Club 500 feathers


National Ray-gun Association Booth 125 Pizza


New Decorations:

Pine Barrens Hunt Club Sign 200 feathers


NNYPD Horse 150 feathers


Farm Cow 250 feathers


Fall Tree 1 10 feathers


Fall Tree 2 10 feathers


New Outfit for Bender:

Hunter Bender


To unlock Hunter Bender you need:

300 Feathers(Common)– From  Robot Chickens, several missions, Robot Turkeys and Robot Super-Turkeys
10 Stock Tie (Common)– From Suicide Booth, several missions, Pine Barrens Hunt Club, and the National Ray-gun Association Booth
10 Hunt Caps (Uncommon)– From Scruffy, Professor, Bender actions and a few missions
10 Breeches (Rare)– From Kif, Fry, Dr Cahill actions and a few missions

New NPC:

Vegan Robot Protestor 250 feathers



New Missions on Earth:

Mission 1 “Cold Turkey”Screenshot_20171116-194005Screenshot_20171116-194050


That’s really all I have for now. Follow the questline and run those missions to get event currency.

So what do you think of this Turkey Day event? Let me know in the comments below.





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