New Land Released

Howyadoin, fellow New New Yorkers!

Our Slurms Weekend Event has come and gone.  Thanks to the extra day, I was able to get the Slurm Queen decoration. It is my new favorite decoration!

When they took the Slurms Weekend event out of the game, they gave us new land!

Yes! I know! New Land!

About darn time!


Looks to be about 10 wonderful, wonderful blocks of land. The one furthest to the east there is 400 Currency_Hypnoton  and the next ones are 750 and 900 each.  They probably go up from there so I hope you have some stashed like my friend, or you better get farming one of the missions.

Thank you TinyCo for giving us some new blocks of land. Now I won’t have to store all my delicious Slurm items of my Robot Hell on Earth area.

What do you think about them giving us land to the West instead of the next District? Let me know in the comments below.

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