Slurm Weekend Event

Welcome back, fellow Humans, to the Planet Wormulon. I am your golly-rifuc guide to the fabulous weekend event featuring Slurm (warning: Highly addictive).


Event quest starts with Slum Drought Pt. 1.


Fry has a 6 second task. Tap the Grunka Lunkas and do the first new mission on Wormulon: “Refreshing Take”.

NOTE: I cannot really tell the difference in the pictures for the Slurm Cans on the prizes and decorations. I apologize if I say you need one kind and it is another.

New premium content:

Slurms MacKenzie in Beach Party Central 300PizzaScreenshot_20171109-150237

Slurm Boat 150 Pizzascreenshot_20171109-150250.jpg

New outfit for Fry:

Slurm Duke Fry

To unlock all you need is 65 Royal Slurm


Bev the beverage machine is also coming but I have no photo.

To unlock Bev you will need:

36 Cans of Slurm

36 Cans of Diet Slurm

36 Cans of Loco Slurm

Other new prizes:

Royal Slurm Vat 100 Wumpus Berries (from Grunka Lunkas)Screenshot_20171109-150243

Slurm Factory 200 Wumpus Berries


Slurm Factory Gate 75 Royal Slurm (from Missions or Slurms MacKenzie)


Slurm Tree 8 Cans of Slurm (Slurm Duke Fry will use 10 Wumpus Berries to create 3 cans of Slurm)screenshot_20171109-150304.jpg

Slurm Storage Cave  25 Cans of Diet Slurm (Slurm Duke Fry will use 10 Wumpus Berries to create 3 cans of Diet Slurm)screenshot_20171109-150308.jpg

Various Slurm Shrooms made from Diet Slurm.


New Missions on Wormulon. Plenty of career chips and Royal Slurm. You get to battle Glurmo and the Slurm Queen. Do not 100% the missions because later you’ll need Royal Slurm for Bev of which I do not have a game photo of her.


First Mission path:



That’s all I have so far.

What do you think of Slurm Weekend? Let me know in the comments below.



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