Mission Map “Looking Evil in the Eye”

How’s it going tonight, fellow Earthers?

Week 5 of the Robot Hell on Earth Event brought with it, as usual, a new mission to complete and this time it is in the shape of flames. Pretty fitting.

RH Event Earth Looking Evil in the Eye.jpg

The main unlocked path will get you 11 of the Robot Gargoyle metal.  There can be showgirls, snakes and/or moths also, so make sure you have plenty of each type of bomb, especially the new Magnet Bomb. The Magnet Bomb doesn’t kill the Gargoyle right away. It will take a few more hits.

But if you have Roberto, you can just use his special power up and do the run bomb less.

Roberto takes longer than bombs, but a lot less time than if he wasn’t part of the crew. Just target one of the minions and let their hits and your crews attacks charge their special abilities until you have used Roberto’s attack enough that the gargoyles start taking 18 or 25 damage. Just keep healing as you need it. Once you take out the gargoyle, then take out the other enemies. I take Roberto, three healers and whoever is free that has a high level.

These missions sure do look hard to 100%. I am not even going to try as I don’t have enough chips to even start. If you 100% any of the event missions, let me know in the comments below.


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