Robot Hell on Earth Week 5 is Live

Welcome to Robot Hell on Earth Week 5!

This week looks very similar to the final week on the Omicronian Invasion. We will have to battle the Robot Devil to get him in the game.Screenshot_20171102-161614

Prize Ladder at Hell’s Riches



Vladimir is probably an NPC.Screenshot_20171102-161716

Premium Items:

Father Changstein El-Gamal in First Amalgamated Church (Pick a God, any God) 230 Pizza


Magnet Bombmaker 150Pizza


New mission on Earth “Looking Evil in the Eye”. Opens after reaching part 5 of The Robot Devil You Know.Screenshot_20171102-162458


New Bomb-the Magnet Bomb which you need to fight Gargoyles…in Space.


1 Wire

2 Batteries

1 Magnet from Defeating the Robot Devil


The Spell Bomb which you need to fight the Robot Devil, and keep him from spawning his army.


1 Wing of Buggalo (Always)–from defeating Pink Showgirls

2 Eye of Amphibiosan (Always)– from  saving Terrorized Citizens , and defeating Robot Moths and Robot Snakes in NNY.

1 Wart of Omicronian (Always)– from the Trump Trapezoid, Robot Gargoyles and the First Amalgamated Church

Info about the Robot Devil fight.



You have until the event ends to complete this.

Robot Gargoyles will be around soon. In combat, use a magnet bomb on it to lower its defenses. In town use Pazuzu or Father Changstein El-Gamal.Screenshot_20171102-163649Screenshot_20171102-173611

Wow, a lot of stuff going on. But I am excited for Pazuzu and the Robot Devil.

Are you eager to get the Robot Devil in your game? Let me know if you have any comments or problems in the comments below.


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