Store Update Ticks Off Players

Hey there fellow Humans!

As you may know by now, there is an update in the store, and it is forced on you pretty fast.


This update has taken away the ability to stack the special attacks of the robot class characters to reduce the damage the Robot Hell minions do to just 1 damage per hit.

The ability to do so called “Bombless” runs on the Robot Hell mission maps is the only reason I am doing mostly okay in this event. Even with bombless runs, I am having other difficulties with having enough fuel to even run the missions at all. Once I hit the max level, there is no more free fuel. It is really making playing the game a lesson in futility.

As it stands, if TinyCo doesn’t improve the drop rates on the items needed for making bombs, I fear I will fall further and further behind. I still don’t have Hookerbot. I only got the Mine Coaster last night and with the 12 hour wait time, I haven’t got anything from it yet.

One of my friends has already mostly stopped playing this event because he just got Billionairebot!

Now, there is still the ability to take some healers on your mission and use the healers every few minutes. But you will have to sit and watch your game closely so you can keep your crew from dying.

Have you been doing bombless runs? What do you think of this change to the game? Let me know in the comments below.



7 thoughts on “Store Update Ticks Off Players

  1. I’m a week late on everything because the drops have been awful for everything! bombs, characters, costumes, the only thing that allowed me to catch up was bombless runs.. And the thunder bombs only make two at a time ever 1.5 hours! but are used for two different monsters. At least if there wasnt a bomb cap, it would be easier to manage, but nooooo. I’m growing to hate this event 😦

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  2. This event has been very unenjoyable due to the depenence upon bombs and, later, combinations of bombs. This was somewhat mitigated by the ability to set up a bombless battle then do dishes or vacuum while the game played tennis with itself. Now it’s just an exercise in staying awake so you can tap the Influencer whenever his ability is ready, and you’d best not look away or you’ll have spent your fuel and time for nothing. At least, if they want to time gate game advancement, make the time enjoyable or make it happen off-screen. I don’t play games so that I can measure of my ability to endure boredom.
    My progress was already impaired by the masses of career chips I’ve had to use to level up a half-dozen new characters, (I was cushioned by the fact that I’d been saving up for LeBarbara the week before the event, but now I’m scraping the bottom and I still need to level up Hookerbot and Roberto, which I will be unable to do without spending massive amounts of fuel on non- event missions. (Which I won’t have because I hit max level two levels after they allowed saving fuel on levelup…)
    On the other hand, I have lots of Scientist chips with nobody to spend them on. My question is, did they design this game? Or did they just export the Family Guy game, give it new visuals, and then start making it up as they go?


    • Your guess sounds about right. Feels like they took the family guy game and then added some stuff to it. I personally hate doing the battles over and over and over and over…


      • Agreed. When the battles were short and occasionally challenging they had an element of interest. The battles for this event are either excruciatingly long or require so much time between battles to amass the 24 bombs you’ll need, (not because of time needed to actually make the bombs, but because you are limited to 2 or 4 corks per six hours,) that you are effectively limited to one space mission per day unless you are unemployed and have 18 hours per day to play.

        This event turned my mildly entertaining diversion into a chore. I’m not paying anyone for the privilidge of doing chores. Sorry, Tinyco. As much as I was looking forward to having Preacherbot, I refuse to reward you for boring me to death.

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