Robot Hell Week Three Challenge

Hey there, fellow Humans!

The weekly challenge did pop in to the game as expected yesterday. Sorry for the late post about it. Mondays are hard for me to get online to do a post.

Anyhoo, you should be well on the way to completing this weeks challenge and it is pretty self-explanatory. Most of it, I have completed by just doing the other things I needed to do anyway. All except the Robot Moths.Screenshot_20171023-160128After recently hitting the max level, fuel has become a severe problem in the game. With no more fill ups from filling the leveling circle, fuel is tedious and annoying. I am also running some bad luck on getting wires from the Incubots.


Here’s a tip:

If you just need to defeat the moths or the snakes for the challenge, but do not really need the metal from them, you can do a mission. Defeat the moth or snake at the first battle, then forfeit the mission. It will still count for the challenge but not the questline, and you will not get any metal from them. Keep that in mind as a way to save fuel.

Week Two’s challenge prize was not a band member like I thought it would be. It was The Fishing Incubot, which I think is a pretty cool decoration.


And they have fixed the spelling of the Incubot Saxophonist.



Looks like this week our prize might be the Piñata Incubot. It does say Grand Prize, so I guess we’ll see. The prize this week is the Incubot Drummer, as one can see in the task icon.  So the Grand Prize for finishing all the challenges will probably be the Piñata Incubot.

How are you doing on the challenge so far? Is it challenging enough? Let me know in the comments below.


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